artista x artista
A new residencies program at La Habana

Artista X Artista is an initiative of Carlos Garaicoa Studio that is developed in different ways with the purpose of establishing horizontal connections between the young art scene and growing institutional network and cultural agents worldwide.

Artista X Artista comes from the necessity to find and generate support from the inside of the art scene to answer the needs of emerging artist. The platform creates the opportunity and conditions for the residence of international artists in Havana, being able to interact with local cultural entities, give workshops and carry out some field work and investigation in situ. The purpose is that both parts – visitors and local scene – can equally benefit with a work and life experience. In the same way, we are working so Cuban artist can also have residences abroad, and live a benefitial experience for their career. 

Artista X Artista is a pioneer project in the Cuban art scene, that looks forward to build a sustainable model of long term collaborations and put an emphasis on creating new spaces with similar work philosophies and support the young creators, in the changing environment of the Cuban society.

About us

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