Workshop: Frames of a tension. ‘Asphyxiation for torsion’.


Workshop: Frames of a tension. ‘Asphyxiation for torsion’.

Miriam Isasi

We worked on the body, its limits and possibilities having classic sculptures as the starting point.

The balance axes and the static movement.

Tension of the ephemeral,

emancipation of the limits as an expanded term.

Work with the students of the National School of Circus (ENA) has been interesting from a plastic view point.

Prepared bodies for contortion and acrobatics.

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07/9/2017 - 15/10/2017

Workshop. Sara Munguía


Sara, on her workshop with students:

I asked the children to imagine the lives of Cubans in the future. They had to imagine what kind of decorative motives they will use in their clothes, tools and other customizations like tattoos, and I asked them to draw them in paper, keeping in mind that they could be figurative, abstract and symbolic representations. At last, they had to paint them on each other's arms and face. The idea was that they were aware of the importance of ornament and motives that they are surrounded by and the connection with their lives, emotions and way of thinking.

The workshop is a way to work with imaginaries and forms of cultural representation and different times, which joins the work presented in Artista X Artista, that the kids visited afterwards. In this show, there is a video in which historical recreations appear and the kids can discover similarities between their drawings of ornaments and the ones the can see in this scenes of the past.

Artista X Artista (VI). Sara Munguía and Miriam Isasi


Sara Munguía (Santander, 1989) and Miriam Isasi (Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1981), our new residents are already in Havana. To start their period of residence this Friday, May 12 at 7:30 p.m. we will have the inauguration of their show in Artista X Artista. The exhibition can be visited after the opening by appointment.

 Sara will exhibit a video that gathers details of historical recreations of different times realized in Spain during a year, whose symbolism ceases to be significant and in their place they take importance bodies and the action, in a space of time in which Suspend social norms and conventions with respect to individual identity and in which postproduction is revealed as the true form of creation. Miriam, for her part, has selected for the exhibition in Artista X Artista, a selection of works that are part of the project "You twist very beautifully, Dear". For this project Miriam was inspired, or started from works of classical sculpture and, with the collaboration of dancers, carried out this proposal that approaches the concept of the limit of the body.

Sara Munguía is in Cuba as part of an exchange between Artista X Artista and Orbital Residency (Santander), which in turn has the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Cantabria, where was last March, the Cuban artist residing in Holland, Loidys Carnero (Havana, 1982).

Miriam Isasi is in Havana as a result of the collaboration between Artista X Artista and Azkuna Zentroa (Bilbao), where a Cuban artist, who will be selected this summer, will travel this year. During the residency, the artists will also make workshops and a talk at the end of their stay. 

Talk with Tercerunquinto


Artista X Artista is pleased to invite you to the talk of the Mexican collective Tercerunquinto (Gabriel Cazares and Rolando Flores) at our headquarters next Thursday, April 6, at 7 PM. To conclude his period of residence in Havana, as part of the Artista X Artista exchange program with SAPS-La Tallera (Mexico), Tercerunquinto has conceived "Foreign Investment", a work that consists in using the budget assigned by the Mexican institution to acquire a set of building materials (cement, bricks, blocks, sand and steel rods) that will be displayed, as an installation, the day of the talk in the space of residence.

To give finality to the work Terceunquinto will launch, that afternoon, an open call for Cuban artists interested in using these construction materials for the production of a new artistic project, so that later, from among the proposals presented, the jury will select one.

With this work Gabriel and Rolando give continuity to a series of projects recently produced, in which the building materials have been fundamental discursive elements. With "Foreign Investment", they seek to emphasize in particular the line that draws the path they have followed to think and produce a new site-specific work, a historical concept that becomes one of the main strategies by means of which they define a good part of their production. On the other hand, they show an interest in positioning and questioning this concept from the field of Economics with respect to a system of production and artistic international institutional circulation, investigating and promoting critical readings around a circuit of this nature.

e-Flux Architecture: SUPERHUMANITY


In the years immediately before and after the 1959 Revolution, Havana was one of the great laboratories for experiments with modern architecture. It absorbed and transformed international tendencies but it also invented whole new models of architecture in a pulsating flux.

On Wednesday, March 22, at 6pm, e-flux Architecture will present, in Artista X Artista space, SUPERHUMANITY TALKS. Join Superhumanity editors Nick Axel, Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley along with special guests including Miguel Coyula, Rubén Gallo, Pedro Juan Gutiérrez and Rachel Price for a series of presentations and conversations.

Drawing from “The Obligation to Self-Design” (e-flux journal issue 0), a text by Boris Groys in which a genealogy of design is traced from the design of the soul and the design of the self to "the design of life as a whole," Superhumanity responds to the theme of the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial—Are We Human?—by engaging with and departing from the concept of the “self.” Superhumanity aims to explore and challenge our understanding of “design” by probing the idea that we are and always have been continuously reshaped by the artifacts we shape, to which we ask: who designed the lives we live today? What are the forms of life we inhabit, and what new forms are currently being designed? Where are the sites, and what are the techniques, to design others?

With Superhumanity, 50 invited, writers, scientists, artists, architects, designers, philosophers, historians, archeologists and anthropologists bring new insight to these and related questions.

Miguel Coyula is a Cuban filmmaker and writer. His films include Cucarachas rojas (Red Cockroaches, 2003), Memorias del Desarrollo (Memories of Overdevelopment, 2010) and Blue Heart (2017).

Rubén Gallo teaches at Princeton University and is author of Freud's Mexico (MIT Press, 2010) and Proust's Latin Americans (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014). His essay "Designer Sex" was published as a part of Superhumanity on November 14, 2016.

Pedro Juan Gutiérrez is a Cuban novelist and writer of Dirty Havana Trilogy.

Rachel Price is Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures at Princeton University. Her most recent book, Planet/Cuba: Art, Culture, and the Future of the Island, was published by Verso Books in 2015.

Superhumanity is a project by e-flux Architecture at the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial, produced in cooperation with the Istanbul Design Biennial, the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Zealand, and the Ernst Schering Foundation.

Falta título de la actividad (en)

27/3/2017 - 28/3/2017

Falta título de la actividad (en)


Falta título de la actividad (en)


Talk. Joan Fontcuberta, Iván de la Nuez and Carlos Garaicoa.


Artista x Artista has the honor to invite you to the open door talk by Joan Fontcuberta together with curator and art critic Iván de la Nuez and the artist Carlos Garaicoa this Wednesday, December 14th, 6 PM.

Joan Fontcuberta (1955, Barcelona) , graduated in communication sciences, has developed an activity in the field of photography as an artist, as well as a professor, writer, critic and curator. 

His work has been shown in highly recognised international institutions, amongst we can highlight the Folkwang Museum (Essen, 1987), the Museum of Modern Art of New York (MOMA, 1988), the Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM, 1992), the Parco Gallery (Tokyo, 1992), the Musée de l'Élysée de Lausana (1999), of the National Museum of Art of Catalunya (MNAC, 1999). 

He has been granted with the Hasselblad Foundation International Award (2013), the David Octavious Hill Award, given by the Fotografisches Akademie GDL (Germany, 1988), and the National Photography Award of the Spanish Ministry of Culture (1998).

Talk. Levi Orta.


Once again the doors of Artista X Artista open for the conference of the artist Levi Orta. He will focus on the project developed in the HWP residence at the Ashkal Alwan in Beirut, Lebanon. This last residence was part of the grant he received from the Fundación Botín in 2015. 

Levi Orta´s works explores the creative component of politics, focusing on the inaccuracies of the political-art boundary. He reproduces mechanisms, strategies and behavior of political-artistic situations that have been filed, thus highlighting its most subversive undertone; always from a cynical stance that threatens the hegemonic. 

Graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte of Havana in 2010, and from Cathedra Arte de Conducta in 2009. Levi’s solo exhibitions includes the Servando Art Gallery, Fonderie Darling, Ludwig Foundation and Salle Zero. He has participated in multiple biennials including the Havana Biennial, Pontevedra, Liverpool, Mercosul and The Frontiers. In recent years, Orta has participated in exhibitions in several countries  like Germany, Austria, EEUU, Spain, France, Israel, Brasil, Mexico, Canada, Croatia, United Kingdom, China, Japon and Cuba.

Artist X Artist (V). The flag and the galaxy.


Belén and Pedro Luis Cembranos are already in Havana as part of the exchange between El Ranchito/Matadero Madrid and Artista X Artista with the generous support of AECID. They arrive to Cuba after the successful presentation in Madrid of the Cuban artists jorge&larry and Luis Manuel Otero.  During their 6 weeks residency program in Havana, Belén and Pedro Luis will engage in a group of activities that start with this exhibition they called The Flag and the Galaxy, opening next Thursday September 8th, 6 PM at Artista X Artista. 

Artista X Artista is an initiative of Carlos Garaicoa Studio that is developed in different ways with the objective of establishing horizontal connections between the young art scene and a growing institutional network and cultural agents worldwide.

Public Presentation. Carlos Bunga


Artist X Artist is pleased to invite you to the artist talk that will offer Carlos Bunga (Porto in 1976, lives and works in Barcelona) in AxA headquarters next Friday, August 5th, 7 PM. Bunga, at the time spending holidays in Havana, kindly accepted our request to meet and introduce his work to the art public in Cuba.

While often using ordinary, unassuming materials such as packing cardboard and adhesive tape, Bunga’s work involves a highly developed degree of aesthetic care and delicacy, as well as a conceptual complexity derived from the inter-relationship between doing and undoing, between unmaking and remaking, between the micro and the macro, between investigation and conclusion. Straddling the division between sculpture and painting, Bunga’s deceptively delicate works are characterized by an intense study of the combination of color and materiality, while at the same time emphasizes the performative aspect of the creative act. (source:

Chamber Music Concert


Artista X Artista is pleased to invite you to the chamber music concert that will take place in the Basilica Menor del Convento de San Francisco de Asis next Saturday. More than a decade of collaboration under different formats, including the National Symphonic Orchestra of Cuba, as well as shows in different locations of the city, give these musicians the background to face this proposal, supported by Artista X Artista and the Historian Office of the City of Havana.

This date under the architecture of the baroque basilica, will be the first opportunity to listen to the Quartet for the End of Time by the french composer Olivier Messiaen. 


-Trio for clarinet, violin and piano (1932)
 A. Khachaturian (1903 - 1978) 
  I. Andante con dolore, con molto espressione
  II. Allegro
  III. Moderato

-Suite im alten Stil, for violin and piano, Op. 93 (1906)
       Max Reger (1875 - 1916)

-Quartet for the End of Time (1941)* 
Olivier Messiaen (1908 - 1992)
    I. Liturgie de Cristal / Crystal Liturgy
    II. Vocalise pour l'Ange qui annonce la Fin du Temps /  Vocalise for the Angel who announces the End of Time
    III. Abîme des oiseaux / Abyss of birds
    IV. Intermède / Interlude
    V. Louange a`L'Éternité de Jesus / Praise to the eternity of Jesus
    VI. Danse de la fureur, pour les sept Trompettes / Dance of fury for the seven trumpets
    VII. Fouillis d'arcs-en-ciel, por l'Ange qui annonce la Fin du Temps /  Tangle of rainbow for the  Angel who announces the End of Time
    VIII. Louange à l'Immortalité de Jésus  / Praise to the immortality of Jesus

*First audition in Cuba

Studio visit with Lourdes Fernández, Patrick Hamilton and Carlos Garaicoa

Artista X Artista organized a studio visit for the jury in charge of selecting the resident that will be travelling to Bilbao in autumn this year, apart of the collaboration agreement between Artista X Artista and Azkuna Zentroa. The artist were previously selected by a Nomination Committee, integrated by Orlando Hernández, Iván de la Nuez, Abel González and Lillebit Fadraga.

Carlos Garaicoa, Lourdes Fernández, Taxio Ardanaz, Patrick Hamilton
Leandro Feal
Estudio RequerRequer
Estudio Rafa Villares
Jose Manuel Mesías
Julio César LLopiz
Diana Fonseca
Elizabet Cervigno
Estudio Requer

Workshop. Taxio Ardanaz

Taxio Ardanaz did a workshop for 9 year old students where they draw with charcoal in cardboard. After teaching them the technique, Ardanaz ask them to make a drawing in groups of three or four students, where they started with a individual space in the cardborad that would gradually turn into a collective one. Basically it was about drawing and then erasing to make a new visual result in the same space. They would do it several times, until the different layers where visible. The different topics were: self portrait, something they really liked and would be useful to describe them, an historic event that they would remember, and last what was the Revolution for them. The results was meticulously documented and will be part of an animation exercise that Taxio will be making soon.

After that, and already a tradition in our workshops, the kids visited our headquarters to see the exhibition. The artist explained his work and career, and answer several questions to the students. Moreover, they made their own interpretations of Taxio’s work.

Presenting: “The Art in the Global Era”


Anna María Guasch will present in Artista X Artista her last book The Art in the Global Era 1989-2015, the second part of a discourse started in The Last Art of the XX Century. The author analyses a period of constant flux and mixed categories in the definition of art. A period dominated by the creative capacity of interaction and dialogue, by a dying economy that questions the development sustained by the constant grow. A time sealed by politics that generated, and are generating, utopias without frontiers, and at the same times provokes radical processes of religious and territorial nature.

Following this presentation, on Friday June 3rd, Dr. Anna María Guasch and the artist Antoni Muntadas, will be doing a portfolio view of a group of previously invited artists.

Public presentation. Taxio Ardanaz

01/7/2016 - 30/8/2016

To close up his residency period in Havana, Taxio Ardanaz presented the investigation he carried on during his stay. Concluding this part, starts the other half of the residency in Azkuna Zentroa, where he will continue with his investigation from the 1st of July to the 30th of August.

Workshop. How can fashion be poetical and political?

As a parallel activity to the presentation of her documentary NORMAL ES BUENO (I LIKE AMERICA AND AMERICA LIKES ME) in the Centro de Desarollo de Artes Visuales the artist and designer Yali Romagoza will be teaching a workshop in Artista x Artist under the tittle: "HOW CAN FASHION BE POETICAL AND POLITICAL?".

We invite everyone interested in participating; including art and design students interested in multidisciplinary artistic practice. The participants will have the opportunity to present and publicly discuss their portfolio. A participation certificate is available upon completion. In order to attend the workshop you must register by phone or sending an e-mail, before June 1th, due to the limited space.

Carlos Garaicoa, Escala I.I (Metal), 2014Vista general de la exposición ArtistaXArtista (0)Loidys Carnero, Building Combat, Google Earth Intervention Project, 2007Carlos Garaicoa. Sin título (Semillas, I), 2009.Carlos Garaicoa. El Mapa del viajero (III), 2013. Detalle.Dr. F. Krantz Bonn. Colección de 6 modelos de cristal en cartón, ca. 1920.Cildo Meireles. Jogo da velha (Tic-tac-toe). Serie A10- XA/OP, 1993-94.Carlos Garaicoa. Proyecto para el primer edificio clonado en Estados Unidos/Project for the first cloned building in the United States, 2001.Sandra Gamarra. Del 2 al 256, 2011.Carlos Garaicoa. Escala I:I / Scale I:I, 2014.Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016Sandra Ramos. Sistema Solar.Yornel Martínez, Atlas, 2014
Luis Gárciga. 2005, 2005.Carlos Garaicoa, El Globo, 2012Carlos Garaicoa, Sin solución, 2012Zeyno Pekunlu. Doble pensar, 2008.Vista general de la exposición ArtistaXArtista (0)Vista general de la exposición ArtistaXArtista (0)Marlon de Azambuja. Intención de Panorama, 2007Hamlet Lavastida. El orden de las cosas, 2009.Reynier Leyva. Los olores de la guerra, 2010. Ignasi Aballí. Héroes y villanos, 2010. Carlos Garaicoa. La palabra transformada, 2009.Rémy Zaugg. Neuue Bilder 48b Ich,/das Bild,/sehe Dich, 1998.En la pared izda.: Loidys Carnero. 6, 2013.Hreinn Fridfinnsson. A palace, 1990.Zheng Guogu. Computer is controlled by Pig's Brain - 94, 2006.Carlos Garaicoa. Joyas de la Corona, 2009.Jorge Perianes. Love Story, 2011.Carlos Garaicoa. Proyecto Frágil (VII), 2011.Rodolfo Peraza. Sin título (de la Serie Zona de Silencio), 2008.Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016Cristina Garrido. Velo de Invisibilidad (detalle), 2011- en curso. Daniel Gasol. Intentar teorizar todo lo que pueda.Víctor Piverno, Seducción del oído, 2012Irelio Alonso. Yo he visto en la noche oscura, 2016.Vista general de la exposición AristaXArtista (0)

Cuba in a thousand images. A talk with Gustavo Arcos.


This Friday, at 6 pm, the professor and critic Gustavo Arcos (Havana, 1965) will be giving a lecture in our space, under the title "Cuba in a thousand images". He will approach the new scenarios of the Cuban audiovisual.

Each year, a great amount of diverse audiovisual footage from different genres, formats and styles are filmed in the island. The independent productions coexist with the ones supported by the state or the official institutions. Professional filmmakers, visual artist, students, journalists, amateurs, produce and consume images every hour and every moment, reestablishing, among others, our notion of identity. Many of these creators move through different scenes in and out of the country. Some of them, show styles and well defined creative signs that allows us to talk about a new auteur cinema in Cuba.

¿What do we understand today as Cuban cinema? ¿An image is worth a thousand words?

As a part of the conference, fragments of recent Cuban short films and feature films by Carlos Machado, Miguel Coyula, Yan Vega, Marcel Beltrán, Armando Capó and Rocío Aballí will be shown.

This activity is possible due to the collaboration between Conversando Sobre Arte Contemporáneo and Artista X Artista.

Artist X Artist (IV). Taxio Ardanaz


Starting his residency in Havana, thanks to the collaboration agreement between Artista X Artista and Azkuna Zentroa, Taxio Ardanaz will be opening an exhibition in our space as a starting point to his investigation in Cuba. The exhibition was about his project “Metralla”.

A talk with jorge&larry and Luis Manuel Otero


jorge&larry and Luis Manuel Otero presented their impresions and results of the residency they enjoyed in El Ranchito, Matadero Madrid, between March and April 2016.

This two first residencies for cuban creators were possible due to the Program of Residencies of Matadero Madrid and the AECID, as part anual program with different cultural institutions and an international net of artistic residencies that Artista X Artista has started dialoguing with.

Presentation of the alternative editorial project P-350


The artist Yornel Martinez presents P350, a project of collaborative editing that, in his own words: “…Is a physical support, a magazine or a creative blog with open collaboration, a work in progress. The variety of numbers that make up the collection, allows to be seen the diversity of interests and the creativity of the people that work with this project. The methods of production are dissimilar: stencil, visual poetry, calligraphy, collage, doodles… The issues are not for sale; they circulate through the presentations organized by us. In its pages you can find from a poem by Antonin Artaud to a bus ticket; it´s a publication with tendency to collage and short circuit”

P350 can be consulted permanently at the Artista X Artista space, as a part of a collaboration between both platforms.

After the public presentation, the exhibition Artista X Artista (III) can be visit and will remain open to the public until May 6th.

The collaborators of P350 are : Omar Pérez/ Amílcar Feria/ Ítalo Exposito/ Luis Eligio Pérez (de OMni)/Elvia Rosa Castro/ Tamara Venereo/ Sandra Ramy/ Ailer/ Yaque-Mati/ Andrés Pérez/ Yerande González/ Rito Ramón Aroche/ Irving Vera/ Felipe Gaspar Calafell/ Danilo Maldonado (el sexto)/ Paco Myfriend/ Dojo Zen de Artemisa/ Julio Cesar Llópiz/ Maikel Iglesias/ Sergio Suarez/ Tamara Díaz/ Duhamel Xolot/ Amalia Iduate/ Alberto Ferrer/ Ana lyen/ Ricardo Ezquijarosa/ Orestes Hernández/ Raquel Cruz/ Lester Álvarez/ Luis Enrique (Chinito)/ Odey Curbelo/ Ezequiel Suárez/ Mario Castillo/ Dimitri Prieto/ Ricardo Alberto Pérez/ Orlando Hernández/ Víctor Méndez/ Frency Fernández/ Solveit Fong / Abel González/ Luis Trápaga/ Lía Villares/ Reynier Leyva (Novo)/ Gabriel Calaforra/ Laura Espinosa/ Amed Aroche/ Mira Kongstein/ Erika Flores y Periódica (Revista de arte contemporáneo en Colombia), Marc Roig y Rogier Decfos con WERKER Magazine, Jamila Medina/ David Beltrán/ José Manuel Mesías/ Héctor Antón Castillo/ jorge&larry/ Ernesto Santana/ Yornel J. Martínez Elías y el grupo de teatro “El ciervo encantado”.

Artist X Artist (III)

31/3/2016 - 06/5/2016

Artists: Lester Álvarez, Sandra Gamarra, Carlos Garaicoa, Cristina Garrido, Orestes Hernández, jorge&larry, Yornel Martínez, Ornaghi & Prestinari, Levi Orta, Luis Manuel Otero, Víctor Piverno.

Permanent artworks in the Artista X Artista space: Jorge Luis Marrero y Alejandro Campins.

As part of the activities program for 2016, the firts group show of the year. This exhibition will hold pieces from all the national and international residents that have been a part of this exchange and collaborative experience between different agents from the contemporary art field. The show is completed with other young artists that are closet to our initiative.

Ornaghi&Prestinari. Steso (extendido), 2015.
Ornaghi&Prestinari. Allineamenti (alineamiento), 2015.
Ornaghi&Prestinari. Fuorimano (fuera del camino, fuera de alcance) / Argenteria (Vajilla), 2014 / 2015.
Ornaghi&Prestinari. Pieno (rebosante), 2015.

We don’t know how to go back by ourselves


Matadero Madrid is glad to open “We don’t know how to go back by ourselves”, the public presentation of the results of this year’s edition of El Ranchito Residencies Program Matadero Madrid – AECID. We don’t know how to go back by ourselves presents the work of eleven creators of Spain, Cuba and Finland, selected by open calls held by Matadero Madrid and the asociated centers of this edition: Artista X Arista (Havana), HIAP (Helsinski) and Tokyo Wonder Site (Tokyo).

This time, six Spanish creators participated on a twelve week residence in Matadero Madrid: Andrea Canepa with her project Anschauung, Arash Moori with Parasitic Noise, Belén with La nueva sinceridad, Fermín Jiménez Landa with El mal de la Taiga, Ferrán Pla with Lancelot Plissé and Pedro Luis Cembranos with GALAXIA M-50 (for magnetic tape and voice). Early in March, the other artist joined this six: the cubans jorge&larry with Estamos a merced del featuring and Luis Manuel Otero with De la serie museos necesarios, and the Finnish Anna Estarriola with Llega un mensaje post apocalíptico. Viene del futuro and Nastja Säde Rönkkö with A Walk with you / un paseo contigo; spending a residency period of six weeks.

Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016
Ranchito Finlandia Cuba Japón. Nave 16. Matadero Madrid. 28 marzo 2016

Ornaghi&Prestinari workshop “I want to see the starry sky”.


Ornaghi&Prestinari did a workshop for children in fourth grade, divided in two sessions with the Primary School of the State of Cambodia, Miramar , Havana.

The students listened a short story about the Giotto’s starry dome, and made some banners full of stars with a cardboard, tempera and rope, to decorate their classroom.

Artist X Artist (II)


The collective Ornaghi & Prestinari began their residency in Havana with the opening of a solo show in the Artista X Artista space, Friday 8th January of 2016.

The stay in Havana of the creators couple: Valentine Ornaghi (Milano, 1986) and Claudio Prestinari (Milano, 1984), took place between January 6th and February 19th. During the residence, the artist threw different public activities. This residence was supported by Galleria Continua (San Gimignano /Beijing /Les Moulins /Havana ), who also were opening You+Me= Us, an expansion of the exhibition Anclados en el Territorio, where Ornaghi&Prestinari were also participating, alongside with Loris Cecchini and Giovanni Ozzola. (Arte Continua, cine Águila de Oro, Rayo 108 esq. Zanja, barrio Chino de la Habana).

Ornaghi&Prestinari. Fuorimano (fuera del camino, fuera de alcance) / Argenteria (Vajilla), 2014 / 2015.
Ornaghi&Prestinari. Pieno (rebosante), 2015.
Ornaghi&Prestinari. Steso (extendido), 2015.
Ornaghi&Prestinari. Allineamenti (alineamiento), 2015.

Public Presentation. Cristina Garrido


Artista X Artista held a public presentation of Cristina Garrido (artist-inresidence). This event is organised in order to close her period in Havana, as part of the residencies program of Artista X Artista. The creator will go through her work and will share with the public ideas and investigations regarding her investigation period in Cuba.

This presentation by Artista X Artista is supported by the AC/E and the Program of Internationalization of the Spanish Culture (PICE), in its Mobility modality.

Cristina Garrido Workshop “The museum of the future”

10/12/2015 - 16/12/2015

With their personal memories as a starting point, the children thought spontaniously about the utility that a museum can have. From them came the idea of the museum as a place of memory.

“What would you like to preserve for the future?”. To this question, the kids answered filling with a lot of imagination the spaces left in blank in spaces Cristina drew. Just like that a museum of mermaids was born, another one of stones that will gain value in time, and even one museum of life. The fantasy-natured projects were bend as a catalogue that the kids decided to name “The museum of the future”. A book that keeps something that tomorrow may be important to remember.

Studio Visit in Havana


As part of her residency in Artista X Artista, Cristina Garrido did a couple of studio visits of different artists and agents of the art field.

Among these where the writer, curator and art critic Orlando Hernández, who did a personalised visit for Cristina of his popular art colection, and also he had a working sesión with her, reviewing her portfolio and exchanging ideas about her work and the investigation that she carried on during her time in Havana.

Artist X Artist (I)

26/11/2015 - 07/12/2015

Artists in the show: Cristina Garrido (Artist-in-residence during the exhibition), Dóra Maurer and Carlos Garaicoa.

This exhibition seeks to explore the intergenerational and contextual relations between tree artists of different geopolitical contexts, whose investigations around aesthetics have aproximated in a personal and critical way to the conceptualism methodology as an artistic paradigm between late XXth century and the beginings of the XXIst.

The thesis that the exhibition suggests assumes the importance of this so called “peripheral conceptualisms”, as practices where reality is questioned and also as a way of constructing the image over the structure of a critic theory that visibilizes political, social and subjectives interrogations on a specific landscape. More tan a “international style”, the work of these three artists – different in gender, nationality, languague and generation – can be associated to methodologies of analisys of art, history of art and social reality, where the image shows as the center of an issue, halfway between the tradition of a medium and the deconstruction of a language.

Artist X Artist (0)

22/5/2015 - 31/7/2015

During the 12th Havana Biennial Artista X Artista held the first public presentation of this platform for artists-in-residence in Havana.

In this group show featured Sandra Gamarra, Alejandro Campins, Loidys Carnero, Yaima Carrazana, Amir Fattal, Carlos Garaicoa, Cristina Garrido, Reynier Leyva Novo, Yornel Martínez, Rodolfo Peraza, Víctor Pivierno, Nicolás París, Ezequiel Suárez y Jose Eduardo Yaque, Ignasi Aballí, Jorge & Larry y Jorge Luis Marrero.

Invitación exposición ArtistaXArtista(0)
Vista general de la exposición AristaXArtista (0)
Aniversario, Carlos Garaicoa, 2015
El traje del emperador (III), Sandra Gamarra, 2015
Nailpolish tutorial, Yaima Carrazana, 2015
Velo de invisibilidad, Cristina Garrido, 2011
Vista general de la exposición ArtistaXArtista (0)
Vista general de la exposición ArtistaXArtista (0)
Vista general de la exposición ArtistaXArtista (0)
Lloidys Carnero, Living in the Netherlands First Steps, 2013
Víctor Piverno, Seducción del oído, 2012
Vista general de la exposición ArtistaXArtista (0)
Alejandro Campins, Palacio, 2013
Carlos Garaicoa, Escala I.I (Metal), 2014
Carlos Garaicoa, El cuarto oscuro, 2010
Carlos Garaicoa, El Globo, 2012
Carlos Garaicoa, Sin solución, 2012
Ezequiel Suárez, Problemas al dormir, 2004-06
Ezequiel Suárez
Jorge & Larry, Heaven (Partido Independiente de Color), 2015
Jorge & Larry, POLIVIT, 2015
Loidys Carnero, XXIX-I=XXX, 2013
Reynier Leyva Novo, Los olores de la guerra, 2009
Sandra Gamarra, Hombres trabajando, 2015
Yornel Martínez, Atlas, 2014
Yornel Martínez, Estatua de Buda con chiclets

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