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07/9/2017 - 15/10/2017

Artista X Artista (VI). Sara Munguía and Miriam Isasi


Sara Munguía (Santander, 1989) and Miriam Isasi (Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1981), our new residents are already in Havana. To start their period of residence this Friday, May 12 at 7:30 p.m. we will have the inauguration of their show in Artista X Artista. The exhibition can be visited after the opening by appointment.

 Sara will exhibit a video that gathers details of historical recreations of different times realized in Spain during a year, whose symbolism ceases to be significant and in their place they take importance bodies and the action, in a space of time in which Suspend social norms and conventions with respect to individual identity and in which postproduction is revealed as the true form of creation. Miriam, for her part, has selected for the exhibition in Artista X Artista, a selection of works that are part of the project "You twist very beautifully, Dear". For this project Miriam was inspired, or started from works of classical sculpture and, with the collaboration of dancers, carried out this proposal that approaches the concept of the limit of the body.

Sara Munguía is in Cuba as part of an exchange between Artista X Artista and Orbital Residency (Santander), which in turn has the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Cantabria, where was last March, the Cuban artist residing in Holland, Loidys Carnero (Havana, 1982).

Miriam Isasi is in Havana as a result of the collaboration between Artista X Artista and Azkuna Zentroa (Bilbao), where a Cuban artist, who will be selected this summer, will travel this year. During the residency, the artists will also make workshops and a talk at the end of their stay. 

Artist X Artist (V). The flag and the galaxy.


Belén and Pedro Luis Cembranos are already in Havana as part of the exchange between El Ranchito/Matadero Madrid and Artista X Artista with the generous support of AECID. They arrive to Cuba after the successful presentation in Madrid of the Cuban artists jorge&larry and Luis Manuel Otero.  During their 6 weeks residency program in Havana, Belén and Pedro Luis will engage in a group of activities that start with this exhibition they called The Flag and the Galaxy, opening next Thursday September 8th, 6 PM at Artista X Artista. 

Artista X Artista is an initiative of Carlos Garaicoa Studio that is developed in different ways with the objective of establishing horizontal connections between the young art scene and a growing institutional network and cultural agents worldwide.

Artist X Artist (IV). Taxio Ardanaz


Starting his residency in Havana, thanks to the collaboration agreement between Artista X Artista and Azkuna Zentroa, Taxio Ardanaz will be opening an exhibition in our space as a starting point to his investigation in Cuba. The exhibition was about his project “Metralla”.

Artist X Artist (III)

31/3/2016 - 06/5/2016

Artists: Lester Álvarez, Sandra Gamarra, Carlos Garaicoa, Cristina Garrido, Orestes Hernández, jorge&larry, Yornel Martínez, Ornaghi & Prestinari, Levi Orta, Luis Manuel Otero, Víctor Piverno.

Permanent artworks in the Artista X Artista space: Jorge Luis Marrero y Alejandro Campins.

As part of the activities program for 2016, the firts group show of the year. This exhibition will hold pieces from all the national and international residents that have been a part of this exchange and collaborative experience between different agents from the contemporary art field. The show is completed with other young artists that are closet to our initiative.

Ornaghi&Prestinari. Steso (extendido), 2015.
Ornaghi&Prestinari. Allineamenti (alineamiento), 2015.
Ornaghi&Prestinari. Fuorimano (fuera del camino, fuera de alcance) / Argenteria (Vajilla), 2014 / 2015.
Ornaghi&Prestinari. Pieno (rebosante), 2015.

Artist X Artist (II)


The collective Ornaghi & Prestinari began their residency in Havana with the opening of a solo show in the Artista X Artista space, Friday 8th January of 2016.

The stay in Havana of the creators couple: Valentine Ornaghi (Milano, 1986) and Claudio Prestinari (Milano, 1984), took place between January 6th and February 19th. During the residence, the artist threw different public activities. This residence was supported by Galleria Continua (San Gimignano /Beijing /Les Moulins /Havana ), who also were opening You+Me= Us, an expansion of the exhibition Anclados en el Territorio, where Ornaghi&Prestinari were also participating, alongside with Loris Cecchini and Giovanni Ozzola. (Arte Continua, cine Águila de Oro, Rayo 108 esq. Zanja, barrio Chino de la Habana).

Ornaghi&Prestinari. Fuorimano (fuera del camino, fuera de alcance) / Argenteria (Vajilla), 2014 / 2015.
Ornaghi&Prestinari. Pieno (rebosante), 2015.
Ornaghi&Prestinari. Steso (extendido), 2015.
Ornaghi&Prestinari. Allineamenti (alineamiento), 2015.

Artist X Artist (I)

26/11/2015 - 07/12/2015

Artists in the show: Cristina Garrido (Artist-in-residence during the exhibition), Dóra Maurer and Carlos Garaicoa.

This exhibition seeks to explore the intergenerational and contextual relations between tree artists of different geopolitical contexts, whose investigations around aesthetics have aproximated in a personal and critical way to the conceptualism methodology as an artistic paradigm between late XXth century and the beginings of the XXIst.

The thesis that the exhibition suggests assumes the importance of this so called “peripheral conceptualisms”, as practices where reality is questioned and also as a way of constructing the image over the structure of a critic theory that visibilizes political, social and subjectives interrogations on a specific landscape. More tan a “international style”, the work of these three artists – different in gender, nationality, languague and generation – can be associated to methodologies of analisys of art, history of art and social reality, where the image shows as the center of an issue, halfway between the tradition of a medium and the deconstruction of a language.

Artist X Artist (0)

22/5/2015 - 31/7/2015

During the 12th Havana Biennial Artista X Artista held the first public presentation of this platform for artists-in-residence in Havana.

In this group show featured Sandra Gamarra, Alejandro Campins, Loidys Carnero, Yaima Carrazana, Amir Fattal, Carlos Garaicoa, Cristina Garrido, Reynier Leyva Novo, Yornel Martínez, Rodolfo Peraza, Víctor Pivierno, Nicolás París, Ezequiel Suárez y Jose Eduardo Yaque, Ignasi Aballí, Jorge & Larry y Jorge Luis Marrero.

Invitación exposición ArtistaXArtista(0)
Vista general de la exposición AristaXArtista (0)
Aniversario, Carlos Garaicoa, 2015
El traje del emperador (III), Sandra Gamarra, 2015
Nailpolish tutorial, Yaima Carrazana, 2015
Velo de invisibilidad, Cristina Garrido, 2011
Vista general de la exposición ArtistaXArtista (0)
Vista general de la exposición ArtistaXArtista (0)
Vista general de la exposición ArtistaXArtista (0)
Lloidys Carnero, Living in the Netherlands First Steps, 2013
Víctor Piverno, Seducción del oído, 2012
Vista general de la exposición ArtistaXArtista (0)
Alejandro Campins, Palacio, 2013
Carlos Garaicoa, Escala I.I (Metal), 2014
Carlos Garaicoa, El cuarto oscuro, 2010
Carlos Garaicoa, El Globo, 2012
Carlos Garaicoa, Sin solución, 2012
Ezequiel Suárez, Problemas al dormir, 2004-06
Ezequiel Suárez
Jorge & Larry, Heaven (Partido Independiente de Color), 2015
Jorge & Larry, POLIVIT, 2015
Loidys Carnero, XXIX-I=XXX, 2013
Reynier Leyva Novo, Los olores de la guerra, 2009
Sandra Gamarra, Hombres trabajando, 2015
Yornel Martínez, Atlas, 2014
Yornel Martínez, Estatua de Buda con chiclets

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