Talk with Tana Garrido


On Wednesday, July 24, 2019, at 5:30 p.m., the visual artist Tana Garrido was presenting part of her work and the results of her artistic residency developed in the Artista X Artista space. During this period, Garrido has carried out an audiovisual observatory of the domestic space of several Cuban women descendants of Basques in order to articulate under the same discourse: gender, territory and memory.

Talk with Hera Chan and Xiaoshi Vivian Vivian Qin


Talk with Ismar Cirkinagic


Ismar Cirkinagic was born in 1973 in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and has lived in Denmark since 1992.

He graduated in 2006 from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts with professors such as Reuter Christiansen, Danh Vo, Emil Westman Herz and the artist group A-Kassen. He has widely shown in Denmark at Nikolaj Kunsthallen, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Overgaden - institute of contemporary art, Søro Art Museum, Esbjerg Art Museum, HEART Contemporary Art Museum, ARoS Art Museum. Internationally he has exhibited in CDAV, Cuba; Liverpool Biennale-City States, UK; MAC Belfast, North Ireland; Artsi Museum, Finland; Miami PULSE, US; The Lviv National Art Gallery, Ukraine, Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo BiH etc. In 2010 he received a 3 years grant from The Danish Arts Council. Two of his shows had received the prize of The Danish Ministry of Culture, and one was nominated for the AICA prize. His work is part of private and public collections such as ARoS Art Museum, National Museum of Photography, Søro Art Museum and the Danish Arts Foundation and Copenhagen Municipality. Until 2020 he will be a jury member of the board at the Association for Contemporary Artists’ Society (Kunstnersamfundet) at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

The residency of Ismar Cirkinagic in Artista X Artista and the exhibition curated by Tijana Miskovic is kindly supported by Danish Arts Council. Thanks also to: GOOD WORK PRODUCTIONS/Nina Wengel, Mira Kongstein and Xiomara Rangel Sandoval.

Talk and presentation with the artistic group "Balada Tropical, the artists Louis Arturo Aguirre, Luis Enrique Milan Bouza and Julio Llópiz-Casal.


To close a prolific 2018, we invite you on Friday, December 21 to join us in three presentations. We will begin the afternoon with a talk by the artists Louis Arturo Aguirre (Camagüey, 1991) and Luis Enrique Milán Bouza (Ciego de Ávila, 1990) who are in Havana as part of the La Temporal residency program (first residency program for Cuban artists of the Visual Arts Development Center - CDAV) with the collaboration of Artista X Artista.

We will continue with the presentation of the project probableprobable by Julio Llópiz-Casal. probableprobable is a brand of clothes and other types of accessories, created by Julio Llopiz-Casal in 2016. It is fundamentally based on the intervention on textile surfaces and the recycling of clothing, objects and images of cultural history. Artisanal work is very important for the brand, although it does not reject the possibilities of serial industrial reproduction in any of its variants.

Rather than designing objects with the objective of being desired, it is likely that you are interested in designing a complicity. We are interested that those who use what we design feel that, rather than wearing a shirt or accessory, they have an attitude: before society, before the cultural industry, before politics. Those who use probableprobable are leaving an optimistic testimony, ironic and not at all naive, about the time that we have to live.

And to end the night we will have a talk of the Balada Tropical collective (integrated by: Amanda Alonso, Nelson Barrera, Jorge Pablo Lima, Víctor Piverno, Leonardo Luis Roque and Ricardo Martínez). Balada Tropical will present in his talk the projects Weightlifting Volume II (2012), Based on real events / Balada Tropical visits the Earth (2017), Cañas y Palmas (2018) and Cocktail Balada Tropical (2017); They will also present some of their works in the space.

Toast with the drinks "Cocktail Balada Tropical" and "Shot Melancolía" (shot created by Julio Llópiz-Casal and Raulito Bazuk).

Talk: "NI POLÍTICO, NI CONCEPTUAL", with Reynier Leyva Novo in La Tallera, Mexico.


In this talk Reynier Leyva Novo, Cuban artist, talked about the most relevant of his artistic career and how he has developed his statement through different provocative gestures.

Talk with Tercerunquinto


Artista X Artista is pleased to invite you to the talk of the Mexican collective Tercerunquinto (Gabriel Cazares and Rolando Flores) at our headquarters next Thursday, April 6, at 7 PM. To conclude his period of residence in Havana, as part of the Artista X Artista exchange program with SAPS-La Tallera (Mexico), Tercerunquinto has conceived "Foreign Investment", a work that consists in using the budget assigned by the Mexican institution to acquire a set of building materials (cement, bricks, blocks, sand and steel rods) that will be displayed, as an installation, the day of the talk in the space of residence.

To give finality to the work Terceunquinto will launch, that afternoon, an open call for Cuban artists interested in using these construction materials for the production of a new artistic project, so that later, from among the proposals presented, the jury will select one.

With this work Gabriel and Rolando give continuity to a series of projects recently produced, in which the building materials have been fundamental discursive elements. With "Foreign Investment", they seek to emphasize in particular the line that draws the path they have followed to think and produce a new site-specific work, a historical concept that becomes one of the main strategies by means of which they define a good part of their production. On the other hand, they show an interest in positioning and questioning this concept from the field of Economics with respect to a system of production and artistic international institutional circulation, investigating and promoting critical readings around a circuit of this nature.

A talk with jorge&larry and Luis Manuel Otero


jorge&larry and Luis Manuel Otero presented their impresions and results of the residency they enjoyed in El Ranchito, Matadero Madrid, between March and April 2016. This two first residencies for cuban creators were possible due to the Program of Residencies of Matadero Madrid and the AECID, as part anual program with different cultural institutions and an international net of artistic residencies that Artista X Artista has started dialoguing with.

Public Presentation. Cristina Garrido


Artista X Artista held a public presentation of Cristina Garrido (artist-inresidence). This event is organised in order to close her period in Havana, as part of the residencies program of Artista X Artista. The creator will go through her work and will share with the public ideas and investigations regarding her investigation period in Cuba.

This presentation by Artista X Artista is supported by the AC/E and the Program of Internationalization of the Spanish Culture (PICE), in its Mobility modality.

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