Talk with Tercerunquinto


Artista X Artista is pleased to invite you to the talk of the Mexican collective Tercerunquinto (Gabriel Cazares and Rolando Flores) at our headquarters next Thursday, April 6, at 7 PM. To conclude his period of residence in Havana, as part of the Artista X Artista exchange program with SAPS-La Tallera (Mexico), Tercerunquinto has conceived "Foreign Investment", a work that consists in using the budget assigned by the Mexican institution to acquire a set of building materials (cement, bricks, blocks, sand and steel rods) that will be displayed, as an installation, the day of the talk in the space of residence.

To give finality to the work Terceunquinto will launch, that afternoon, an open call for Cuban artists interested in using these construction materials for the production of a new artistic project, so that later, from among the proposals presented, the jury will select one.

With this work Gabriel and Rolando give continuity to a series of projects recently produced, in which the building materials have been fundamental discursive elements. With "Foreign Investment", they seek to emphasize in particular the line that draws the path they have followed to think and produce a new site-specific work, a historical concept that becomes one of the main strategies by means of which they define a good part of their production. On the other hand, they show an interest in positioning and questioning this concept from the field of Economics with respect to a system of production and artistic international institutional circulation, investigating and promoting critical readings around a circuit of this nature.

e-Flux Architecture: SUPERHUMANITY


In the years immediately before and after the 1959 Revolution, Havana was one of the great laboratories for experiments with modern architecture. It absorbed and transformed international tendencies but it also invented whole new models of architecture in a pulsating flux.

On Wednesday, March 22, at 6pm, e-flux Architecture will present, in Artista X Artista space, SUPERHUMANITY TALKS. Join Superhumanity editors Nick Axel, Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley along with special guests including Miguel Coyula, Rubén Gallo, Pedro Juan Gutiérrez and Rachel Price for a series of presentations and conversations.

Drawing from “The Obligation to Self-Design” (e-flux journal issue 0), a text by Boris Groys in which a genealogy of design is traced from the design of the soul and the design of the self to "the design of life as a whole," Superhumanity responds to the theme of the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial—Are We Human?—by engaging with and departing from the concept of the “self.” Superhumanity aims to explore and challenge our understanding of “design” by probing the idea that we are and always have been continuously reshaped by the artifacts we shape, to which we ask: who designed the lives we live today? What are the forms of life we inhabit, and what new forms are currently being designed? Where are the sites, and what are the techniques, to design others?

With Superhumanity, 50 invited, writers, scientists, artists, architects, designers, philosophers, historians, archeologists and anthropologists bring new insight to these and related questions.

Miguel Coyula is a Cuban filmmaker and writer. His films include Cucarachas rojas (Red Cockroaches, 2003), Memorias del Desarrollo (Memories of Overdevelopment, 2010) and Blue Heart (2017).

Rubén Gallo teaches at Princeton University and is author of Freud's Mexico (MIT Press, 2010) and Proust's Latin Americans (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014). His essay "Designer Sex" was published as a part of Superhumanity on November 14, 2016.

Pedro Juan Gutiérrez is a Cuban novelist and writer of Dirty Havana Trilogy.

Rachel Price is Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures at Princeton University. Her most recent book, Planet/Cuba: Art, Culture, and the Future of the Island, was published by Verso Books in 2015.

Superhumanity is a project by e-flux Architecture at the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial, produced in cooperation with the Istanbul Design Biennial, the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Zealand, and the Ernst Schering Foundation.

Talk. Levi Orta.


Once again the doors of Artista X Artista open for the conference of the artist Levi Orta. He will focus on the project developed in the HWP residence at the Ashkal Alwan in Beirut, Lebanon. This last residence was part of the grant he received from the Fundación Botín in 2015. 

Levi Orta´s works explores the creative component of politics, focusing on the inaccuracies of the political-art boundary. He reproduces mechanisms, strategies and behavior of political-artistic situations that have been filed, thus highlighting its most subversive undertone; always from a cynical stance that threatens the hegemonic. 

Graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte of Havana in 2010, and from Cathedra Arte de Conducta in 2009. Levi’s solo exhibitions includes the Servando Art Gallery, Fonderie Darling, Ludwig Foundation and Salle Zero. He has participated in multiple biennials including the Havana Biennial, Pontevedra, Liverpool, Mercosul and The Frontiers. In recent years, Orta has participated in exhibitions in several countries  like Germany, Austria, EEUU, Spain, France, Israel, Brasil, Mexico, Canada, Croatia, United Kingdom, China, Japon and Cuba.

A talk with jorge&larry and Luis Manuel Otero


jorge&larry and Luis Manuel Otero presented their impresions and results of the residency they enjoyed in El Ranchito, Matadero Madrid, between March and April 2016.

This two first residencies for cuban creators were possible due to the Program of Residencies of Matadero Madrid and the AECID, as part anual program with different cultural institutions and an international net of artistic residencies that Artista X Artista has started dialoguing with.

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