Workshop: "Manifiéstate: Public appearance in 5 steps", by Reynier Leyva Novo.

21/8/2018 - 23/8/2018

Workshop with Ana Hupe.

Workshop: ‘Asphyxiation for torsion’, by Miriam Isasi.


Workshop: Frames of a tension. ‘Asphyxiation for torsion’.

Miriam Isasi

We worked on the body, its limits and possibilities having classic sculptures as the starting point.

The balance axes and the static movement.

Tension of the ephemeral,

emancipation of the limits as an expanded term.

Work with the students of the National School of Circus (ENA) has been interesting from a plastic view point.

Prepared bodies for contortion and acrobatics.

Workshop with Sara Munguía


Sara Murguía, on her workshop with students:

I asked the children to imagine the lives of Cubans in the future. They had to imagine what kind of decorative motives they will use in their clothes, tools and other customizations like tattoos, and I asked them to draw them in paper, keeping in mind that they could be figurative, abstract and symbolic representations. At last, they had to paint them on each other's arms and face. The idea was that they were aware of the importance of ornament and motives that they are surrounded by and the connection with their lives, emotions and way of thinking.

The workshop is a way to work with imaginaries and forms of cultural representation and different times, which joins the work presented in Artista X Artista, that the kids visited afterwards. In this show, there is a video in which historical recreations appear and the kids can discover similarities between their drawings of ornaments and the ones the can see in this scenes of the past.

Falta título de la actividad (en)


Children's workshop with Elena Artemenko.


On Friday, February 3, Elena Artemenko held the workshop with children of the 3rd grade (8 years) of the State of Cambodia school in Havana. The activity consisted in the realization of 4 robots from recycled materials. The second part of the workshop took place on February 7, where the children visited the exhibition of Elena in Artista X Artista

Workshop with Taxio Ardanaz

Taxio Ardanaz did a workshop for 9 year old students where they draw with charcoal in cardboard. After teaching them the technique, Ardanaz ask them to make a drawing in groups of three or four students, where they started with a individual space in the cardborad that would gradually turn into a collective one. Basically it was about drawing and then erasing to make a new visual result in the same space. They would do it several times, until the different layers where visible. The different topics were: self portrait, something they really liked and would be useful to describe them, an historic event that they would remember, and last what was the Revolution for them. The results was meticulously documented and will be part of an animation exercise that Taxio will be making soon.

After that, and already a tradition in our workshops, the kids visited our headquarters to see the exhibition. The artist explained his work and career, and answer several questions to the students. Moreover, they made their own interpretations of Taxio’s work.

Workshop - How can fashion be poetical and political?

06/6/2016 - 09/6/2016

As a parallel activity to the presentation of her documentary NORMAL ES BUENO (I LIKE AMERICA AND AMERICA LIKES ME) in the Centro de Desarollo de Artes Visuales the artist and designer Yali Romagoza will be teaching a workshop in Artista x Artist under the tittle: "HOW CAN FASHION BE POETICAL AND POLITICAL?". We invite everyone interested in participating; including art and design students interested in multidisciplinary artistic practice. The participants will have the opportunity to present and publicly discuss their portfolio. A participation certificate is available upon completion. In order to attend the workshop you must register by phone or sending an e-mail, before June 1th, due to the limited space.

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Ornaghi&Prestinari workshop “I want to see the starry sky”.


Ornaghi&Prestinari did a workshop for children in fourth grade, divided in two sessions with the Primary School of the State of Cambodia, Miramar , Havana.

The students listened a short story about the Giotto’s starry dome, and made some banners full of stars with a cardboard, tempera and rope, to decorate their classroom.

Cristina Garrido Workshop “The museum of the future”

10/12/2015 - 16/12/2015

With their personal memories as a starting point, the children thought spontaniously about the utility that a museum can have. From them came the idea of the museum as a place of memory.

“What would you like to preserve for the future?”. To this question, the kids answered filling with a lot of imagination the spaces left in blank in spaces Cristina Garrido drew. Just like that a museum of mermaids was born, another one of stones that will gain value in time, and even one museum of life. The fantasy-natured projects were bend as a catalogue that the kids decided to name “The museum of the future”. A book that keeps something that tomorrow may be important to remember.

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