Miriam Isasi

Miriam Isasi (Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1981) is the other artist selected, as a result of the exchange between Artista X Artista and Azkuna Zentroa, where a Cuban artist who will be selected in the next months will travel as an exchange.

Miriam was chosen by a jury of Azkuna Zentroa in which also participated Carlos Garaicoa. The artist intends to develop in Havana a project titled “Terreno de Juego”. For her, " The islands are places in which one catalyzes in a particular way... they are places with a high degree of identity ... The interest that gives rise to this project, is the curiosity to understand the faith, beyond the Santería as an imposed term, as a colonization term... ".

During the residency, the artists will also perform different public activities that will be announced later, although they will maintain the usual format of exhibition, workshop and a talk at the end of their stay.

Artists in residency:
Dates of the Residency 05/5/2017 - 07/6/2017
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