These residences are part of the interdisciplinary residences program of Matadero Madrid and AECID with which different artistic agents of the city coexist with creators from other cities and have the opportunity to travel to other spaces of residences in the world. An exchange and a dialogue around art.

Celia y Yunior have worked on the following projects:

Cascorro 1896-2017 (Installation)

This project arises from the discovery of Plaza Cascorro in Madrid during our period of residence where a monument erected to Eloy Gonzalo García, soldier of the Spanish army involved in the Cuban independence war. Unlike many commemorative sculptures of this period (1901) it portrays the heroic feat in a very narrative, capturing the moment where Eloy decides to load a can of fuel and a torch for the purpose of setting fire to a house in the hands of the independence army . His tactic aimed to secure final victory through an act of immolation. The work establishes a dialogue between the fundamental objects of the action (a can of fuel, a torch and a rope), a text attributed to Eloy Gonzalo García and a genealogy of anti-terrorist laws in Spain from 1821 to the present. There are always people who tell me that ...

Celia y Yunior - Luis Gárciga / 2009 - 2017

Different colored bars make up structures designed according to the behavior of the Council of Ministers of two countries: Cuba since 1959 -Triunfo of the Cuban Revolution- and Spain since 1939 -the end of the Civil War- up to the present. Each time line corresponds to a ministry, each bar to a minister and its dimension is proportional to its time in office (1 Year = 5cm). An exercise in memory that shows the need for a global vision of the structures that administer us.

Artists in residency:
Dates of the Residency 16/10/2017 - 26/11/2017
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