Tana Garrido

The artist Tana Garrido (Tarragona, 1989) began her period of residence in Havana on May 31, this residence is the result of the collaboration between Artista X Artista and Azkuna Zentroa, from Bilbao. 

Tana Garrido lives and works in Euskadi. Her work is framed between documentary, contemporary art, visual essay and cultural revitalization. Her pieces have been exhibited in different contemporary art centers such as Sant Andreu Contemporani (Barcelona), La Capella (Barcelona) or the BilbaoArte Foundation (Bilbao), and at film festivals such as Márgenes (Madrid), Atlantidoc (Uruguay), Biedódromo (Bilbao) or Visual Sound (Barcelona). She is a programmer and co-founder of the Short Film Festival Conducted by Women BENDITA TÚ (Buenos Aires-Madrid-Bilbao) and member of the SC Collective from which, together with other members, she teaches workshops and organizes the annual Swap Footage Conferences on experimentation within the audiovisual realm and work with shared material. Until last year, she was a programmer at the IBERODOCS Ibero-American Documentary Film Festival in Edinburgh, with which she does on demand collaboration.

Artists in residency:
Dates of the Residency 31/5/2019 - 17/7/2019
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