The central place that words occupy in the artist's practice responds in part to the desire to recognize oneself in the voices of others. He is interested in combining materials, images and words from heterogeneous sources in his projects and weave links that become unsuspected affiliations. This will is based on the need to assume in his work the complexity of what constitutes us: diverse family, artistic and socio-cultural genealogies. This also responds to the idea that art and creation allow us to engage in intimate dialogues with others, our contemporaries, those who precede us and those who will come.


Estela López Solís was born in Mexico and develops her artistic practice in Quebec since 2011. Her work has received the support of various cultural institutions in Canada, France, Mexico and Cuba. Several publications have put their drawings in dialogue with poetic texts, such as Daniel Canty's novel Wigrum (published in French by La Peuplade and in English by Talonbooks). The artist has presented her work in Mexico, in Quebec, in France, in the United States and today in Cuba. He is a member of several self-managed centers by artists in Quebec, province in which he lives and works, in a context of insularity.
Artists in residency:
Dates of the Residency 14/10/2019 - 12/11/2019
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