Yornel Martínez

Yornel Martínez resides and works in Havana. He studied Visual Arts at the Higher Institute of Art of Havana (2002-2007)

Its symbolic production is gesture and recycling at the same time. His works move in various media: drawing, painting and also installations, objects, calligrams and interventions in public spaces. His work has a marked post-conceptual imprint where the use of language in a whole range of tautological variations and literary references becomes a fundamental element. He has been invited to participate in the 6th Contemporary Cuban Art Salon and in the XII Biennial of Havana.

Among his recent projects are My right hand does not know what my left hand writes, -2016 José Martí National Library, Havana, Aichi Triennial, Japan. Roots of influence, curated by Tobias Ostrander at the PAMM, Miami.TRANSHUMANCE. CAB ART Center, Brussels.-2015. Solo Show, Swab, Barcelona. XII BIENNIAL OF HAVANA Intervention at the Librería Fayad Jamís, Bishop 261, Old Havana 2015. Solo Show The star, Servando Gallery, Havana, Cuba 2014.The pure land, Center for the Development of the Visual Arts, Havana, Cuba 2014 The Exergo project interventions in the marquees of Havana halls (2012-2014) Ethical and aesthetic: looks at young Cuban art, International press center, Havana, Cuba 2014. NUMBER, NAME, THINK (The scientific method) Study of the artist Carlos Garaicoa, Madrid, Spain. Collateral to the ARCO fair. 2014. I already know how to read, Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center, Havana, Cuba 2011.

Yornel Martínez will enjoy a six-week stay at the Academy of Spain in Rome (Italy). This residence has the support of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Galleria Continua and Artista X Artista, and is the result of an exchange with the Italian artists Ornaghi & Prestinari, who were already in Cuba in January of this year. The Academy of Spain in Rome promotes the artistic and humanistic formation of creators, restorers and researchers, with the aim of achieving a greater Spanish cultural presence in Italy and a better understanding of the cultures of both countries. Recently the Academy has launched a program for Latin American artists who can benefit from its facilities. Yornel Martínez will be there between October 3 and November 14, 2016.

Artists in residency:
Dates of the Residency 30/11/-0001 - 30/11/-0001
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